Michael Ius- Fog [EXPR EP14]

Techno music is about a personal feel, personal experience, it will induce you in a meditation state of mind.

Born in 1986, Michael Ius studied classical guitar from the age of 14, finishing the music high school and then continuing at the Music University in Bucharest. He was still attracted to the technical side of things, having as a hobby the music production. After finishing the Music University he chose the part that dominates him most – music production.

Since he had contact with techno music, he felt how it helped discover the darkest part of life and that this genre could help him express.
He has been constantly exploring and developing his sound to find his own identity, starting from a more common style of Techno towards a mature sound.
He is influenced by Ambient, Drone and Hypnotic sounds, combining them with dancefloor-oriented grooves, making a balance between mind and body.