Data Domain – Modern Perceptions [EXPR EP19]

Data Domain is an electronic music duo, formed by Javier Martín, (Randoom,  Urals Vector Plant and Guillermo Arroyo (Discknocked), from Spain, which combine their two ways of expression and experimentation about techno. Performances and productions have a mixture of droning, dub sounds, field recordings and glitches. Techno music and mental experience in this project, wich also released with labels such as End of Perception, Lett Records and Doppt Zykkler.

Modern Perceptions is their new EP with EXP Records, 4 hypnotic and raw techno tracks with futuristic atmosphere, full of textures, subtle percussions and transporting echoes to that world of modern perceptions that take us throughout the EP; to finish in the last track, more experimental with broken rhythms and glitches that makes us fall into the final dystopia.

All tracks by Data Domain

Mastered by Steve Voidloss, Black Monolith, London